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With the Comfort Wines of Toad Hollow, the Months Ahead Offer Plenty of Ways to find your happy place.

You don’t have to look far to find studies on how stressed we are from the events of the last several years. The pandemic changed our lives and left some of us lonely and depressed. With the current sad events in the world, our blues have been compounded.

Always leaning in to the lighter side of life with our tasty, moderately priced wines, we at the Hollow have discovered ways to find comfort and fun and to chase the blues away. With the help of a cool website that tracks unusual events, Holiday Insights, we want to share some excuses you can use to treat yourself to carefree moments in the next few months.

According to Holiday Insights, April 29 is National Dance Day. Whether you’re by yourself or with friends, use this day to flail around like a fool, let go, and have fun. Take a clue and a sip from our Risqué sweet sparkler and dance the cancan! Don’t be concerned about someone posting your picture on Twitter—we all look our best when we’re having fun. Did you know that May is also National Hamburger Month? We suggest that on one of the month’s warm evenings, open a bottle of our newly released 2019 Sonoma County Merlot and create a comfort burger. That means any way you like it, whether with pickles, avocado, jalapeños, cheese, or onion rings. A sloppy and juicy burger with the chocolate, cherry, and rich flavor of our Merlot is just a little bit of burger nirvana.   
Another excuse to beat the blues in May is Eat What You Want Day on the 11th. You’ve suffered enough! Now treat yourself to multiple trips to the kitchen or a long lingering scan of Door Dash to pick out something you’ve been craving. Try pizza, corn dogs, or spicy chicken wings along with the zesty freshness of our Eye of the Toad Dry Rosé of Pinot Noir. Our Rosé is extremely versatile for in-the-moment cravings. Big, messy smiles all guaranteed!

Moving into June, one day on Holiday Insight jumped out as a day worth calendaring every year. Did you know that June 19 is National Kissing Day? Although kissing a loved one is always a way to pick up your spirits, a kiss on lips flavored with our Cabernet begs for another and another . . . glass of Cabernet. Our Cabernet is elegant enough to enjoy on its own or with nibbles (and that could be on the ear). 
woman relaxing on a hammock in the vineyards
July 22 may be what Frankie is looking forward to the most. With a glass of our Unoaked Chardonnay in hand, National Hammock Day may be the most comfortable day of the summer. Imagine swinging in a single or double hammock, listening to the birds and enjoying the colors of late afternoon with a cold and refreshing glass of Chardonnay as accompaniment. That is a straight line to finding peace and tranquility. By the way, cutting the grass or doing laundry is forbidden on this day.

Of course, we urge you to make up your own holiday as an excuse to find bliss. Adding the comfort of Toad Hollow wines may be that little spark that takes you to cloud nine!