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Pinot Noir - Our Little Beauty

Aug. 7, 2018

Be entranced and inspired!

Long before Sideways, the movie that put Pinot Noir on most wine lovers’ lips figuratively and gustatorily, wine aficionados have been waxing poetic about the varietal. The fascination is due to its beguiling nature in the vineyard and its sublime flavors. Consider these comments from those who know firsthand:
“God made Cabernet. The devil made Pinot Noir.” 
— the late André Tchelistcheff, considered the “dean of American winemakers”
“Cabernet is big and boisterous and tannic. Pinot is complicated and sexy.”
— Anonymous Winemaker
Toad Hollow Vineyards has just released its 2017 Monterey Pinot Noir, which has coaxed a few colorful remarks from folks here at the Hollow. Capturing all the poetry of Pinot Noir, our 2017 vintage has solicited descriptions such as “a deep garnet hue,” “warm baking spices,” “red plum and dark rose petal,” “black cherry,” “cola,” and “a nibble of roasted nut and cherry”—not to mention the frequent response, “Oh yummy!”

Pinot Noir’s fussy nature in the vineyard requires a very specific climate and terroir. Maritime breezes are required as well as short daylight swings with perfect warm temperatures. Pinot grapes want to mature at a slow pace without getting overripe. Producing them requires a grape grower’s patient hand and a growing region with specific coddling conditions. That is why we sourced our Pinot Noir fruit for the 2017 vintage from the Monterey County wine-growing region of San Bernabe. The San Bernabe AVA is centrally located in the county and has the moderate temperatures and long growing season suitable for Pinot. The result is an alluring Toad Hollow Pinot Noir and is definitely worth all the trouble!

We think you’ll be entranced and inspired by our little beauty.
Toad Hollow Monterey Pinot Noir