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Relax with Merlot

Apr 6, 2018

Merlot — Softening the National Mood

Toad Hollow has good news! We’ve just released our 2016 Sonoma County Merlot, Richard McDowell Selection. Our Merlot is always popular, yet there is a most relevant reason to be crazy about this wine. According to WineBusiness.com’s 2016 American Wine Consumer survey, 80 percent of Americans drink wine because they enjoy the taste and 61 percent say they drink it primarily to relax.

Think about that — a wine to help you relax! An elixir to counter the news developments of the hour, which these days can be frightening, negative, and disappointing. We’re sometimes besieged by bad news because the good news isn’t quite as titillating, right? But if something tastes good and can help you to relax, why not make it a daily antidote for this distress? The good news? A glass of Merlot could be your evening mini-hiatus.

It is well noted that Merlot is one of the most pleasing red wines on the palate. When describing Merlot, industry critics often refer to it as voluptuous and fruity, or elegant and smooth textured. Jancis Robinson, esteemed UK wine writer, recalls that when Merlot was introduced to America in a big way in the 1990s, it was considered “Cabernet without the pain!”

In an incredible nod to Merlot’s pleasant character, Robinson adds that Merlot “inspired that great new word in American jargon, ‘mouthfeel.’” Our newest Merlot lives up to the wine-writer-speak with its berry pie and rose petal fragrance and flavors of mocha, black cherry, and spice. More importantly, its character is so pleasing that you don’t need to overthink it.

So, check out of your Twitter account, give yourself a vacation from Facebook and the network news, and pour yourself a glass of Toad Hollow Merlot. For an express line to nirvana, try it with crostini topped with Gorgonzola or Gruyere!