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Toad Hollow 2021 Rose Bottle

2021 Dry Rosé of Pinot Noir
“Eye of the Toad”

Sonoma County

Price: $15.00

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“In 2022 you can find a Rosé everywhere, from fine-wine shops to corner liquor stores, and even in airport gift shops - Rosés made from everything from Carignan to Cabernet. Still, our Eye of the Toad Dry Rosé over delivers among the clutter of labels! The 2021 is our 26th vintage of Rosé and our style continues to please with refreshing honied tropical fruit flavors. Made always from Pinot Noir grown in some of California’s best sparkling wine vineyards and of course, completely dry! In those racks and racks of Rosés look for our little toad under the leaf – that’s a sure sign you’ve found the very thing!”


A cameo hued beauty, our Dry Rosé shows off the concentration of flavors that are a signature of the 2021 vintage. The aromatics come with a flush of crushed rose petals followed by honeydew melon, orange blossoms, and a slight, fresh, rain-on-stone note. Juicy flavors of Golden Delicious apple and rich key-lime pie fill the mouth. A honied and creamy texture is in play with fresh acidity in the finish.


Vintage 2021 is being touted as one of the best vintages in recent history! There were no major disruptive weather events, however the ongoing drought did affect yields a bit. The Pinot Noir for our Rosé was picked in mid-September with lower yields but spectacular concentration of flavor. This wine is a model of our preferred quality and style.


For our Dry Rosé, we use the fresh juice directly from the pressing of Pinot Noir grown for Champagne style wines. Because our fruit is picked at low sugars the resulting wine is lower in alcohol, juicy and vibrant. Assuring its freshness, the press juice is fermented at a cold temperature in stainless steel tanks prior to bottling. A true French-style Rosé, bone dry and elegant.


We’ve selected the Carneros region in Sonoma County as the source for the Pinot Noir fruit used to make our Dry Rosé. In close proximity to the San Francisco Bay the region benefits from maritime climate with frequent fog insuring a gentle ripening of this legendarily fastidious grape variety.


Varietal: 100% Pinot Noir
Alcohol: 10.2%
TA: 0.62g/100ml
pH: 3.416
RS: 0.034% (dry)
UPC: 711408927829
SRP: $15.00