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Sweet & Sparkling Wine

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“Toad Hollow Risqué is our ‘vin vivant’ (lively wine), a delicately sweet wine from France! When the Can-Can was introduced in Paris in the 1830’s it was quickly dubbed “Le Ballet Risqué” for its rousing energy and high kicks. Our Risqué captures this spirit - a crisp and fruity sparkling wine with fresh green apple and pear flavors and just enough sweetness to seduce your palate. Vibrant? Oui!


Méthode Ancestrale fermentation is a traditional and unique method that creates a medium sweet sparkling wine. It involves bottling young wine before all the residual sugar has been fermented into alcohol. Fermentation continues and gives off carbon dioxide, resulting in a sweet and lightly effervescent wine.


Mauzac, or more properly Mauzac Blanc, is a surprisingly important white grape in southwest France, especially in the Gaillac and Limoux districts, where it is the traditional wine variety. It produces aromatic wines, which are usually made into sparkling wines. Mauzac is picked in early fall, preserving its naturally high acidity before going through fermentation.


Varietal: 100% Mauzac
Alcohol: 6%
TA: 7.6 g/100mL
pH: 2.83
RS: 7.9%
UPC: 711408322570
SRP: $18.99